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Hey, i emailed you. Please answer me.

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Im 13  And I really want play this game . I have 113 Subscribe on Youtube . My e mail is I really want to be gaming  yotutube channel and if you give me a code this game would be first of my gaming videos


Thank you endless code for letting me play this awsome game. Well done I had a lot of fun.


First of all, thanks for the key. I tried it out during a stream and I archived that part of the stream so if you wanna check it out, I'll leave a link below. Cheers, mate!

Hey no problem thanks for playing! Here's a tip - you can shoot Baldimore! I think your first shot just missed him by like an inch lol

Also I don't want to spoil it but the balloons do serve a purpose!

If you ever stream the game again I'd love to watch  and maybe I'll tell you some of the secrets of Baldimore's Highschool :)

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Then I must have missed him twice, the second time being when he was right in front of me and I desperately shot him but I guess the gun had gone straight through his body, since I was so close to him, and it didn't count, haha.

I was hoping that the balloons did serve a purpose.

I don't think I ever will stream it again because I simply don't stream the same game twice, unless it has been updated in some way that makes it interesting to stream yet again. But hey, you did say "More Updates planned for the future!" in the game description so if you update it with some cool stuff then I'll stream it again, for sure.


Alright.. im 9 and I really like baldis basics and want to play this game. don't really have a yt channel and im using my moms computer. do you think you could give me a download code? email is


I Really plyed Fun! That's Great Game!
재밌게 했어요~

Thanks for playing! Your really good at the game! How did you get 9 guns and still have 3 coins left!? Lucky!

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Hello everybody! I've been getting a lot of messages from Youtubers asking about getting free download keys. Please email me instead of commenting on this page! I can get to you faster and it will reduce spam in the comments! You can get my email address on my Youtube Channel, just click "about" and then "Contact." Thanks! 


When i first seen this game like alot of the earlier comments i did think it was gonna be a cash grab but it was actually a great game a lot of fun a nice homepage to Baldis but with a nice twist of its own stuff in there great game great fun

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Can I please play the game for free? My email is ( and my youtube channel is (

This game looks very unique and awesome, but i cant launch it for some reason. I try everything, but i cant. Plus i'm on Mac. Please help

Hey Protodroid, I think I know what the problem is I will be uploading a fix right now, should be up in under an hour. Sorry about that!

I'm Building the project right now should be any minute now sorry

Alright update just went live! Have fun!

Hey I noticed you were giving away codes. I have a small yt channel. if you have any codes left i would love to play and do a video on it. My email is and my channel is ChrisPlayedThis. Thanks

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Hey! I have a small yt channel and would like to play this game. Do you mind sending me a download code?

email is

Hey!Endless Code,First of all wish you have  a nice day!I am a video podcast from China.Fell your game is very interesting!Can you give me a key?I can help you advertise in China.My     Thanks

Awesome I just sent you a key! Have fun!

Video has been released!!

Can i ask the key too


thank you

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Well I give away a lot of keys to people with YouTube Channels, helps their channel grow and helps my game grow. It wouldn't be right if I made small YouTube channels pay for the game when their willing to post a video on it.


Awesome game, very well done! Managed to finish it with the escape school ending :)

Thanks!Here's the video!

Nice little short gameplay! I'll subscribe and help you out!

Thanks man!Already recording PART 2

Here it is! The final!

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If your thinking another channel, here's my channel.

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Hey.Im John.Im a youtuber my channel is Jade.I would be happy if i record this game.My Email is (I already got they key so i dont need this anymore :) )

Hey There, I saw this game on youtube and I like this game. Can I play it for free ? Because in my country (TURKEY) not use dollar. Credit cards not support dollar. And I can not purchase this game. I will be glad if you send me this email if possible (

Hey YigitSeckin, No problem! I'll send you a key.

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Why hello there old sport. I recently found this game on youtube and tbh it looks like a really fun and great game. But then I soon found out that you had to pay for the game. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on your game, but since it's inspired by Baldi's Basics (and even uses the same design of him), why does this cost money? I mean the original game didn't cost anything and it was great. I know you must of spent a lot of time on this game (and the graphics and mechanics show for it) but if it shows any sign of characters from another game or even a relation to them, then it shouldn't cost money and be considered a fan game. I hope you take this post to heart and think about possibly lowering the price or removing it. I'm not saying you have to, but it would be nicer if the game was cheaper or free.

Hey SuperMushroomTitan, the game is on sale for the rest of the month! I talked to the developer of Baldi's Basics himself mystman12 and also support a couple days ago and they don't mind the game being up. It actually helps out all of us mystman12's game stays trending, and gets more popular and a cut of sales!


Oh, well that's nice to hear! Thank you for even acknowledging my comment and informing me about mystman12's thoughts on the game and how he's cool with it. It's nice to see a great fan game keeping the original alive, even if it's priced. You are a talented developer and I love your work so far!

Uh, I never said that. There's nothing illegal about this since the copyrighted material has been removed and there's no infringing trademarks, but that doesn't mean I'm cool with it.

Never said what? Also check your messages! Let's collab! I got some other indie developers interested in making a game together it'll be awesome :)

Hello myst, it's interesting to see some developers tackling Win 95/98 edition-type gaming. And oh boy, there were a LOT of educational games back in the day! 

Will you be making another 95/98 era inspired game? Particularly, those pesky typing-program ones?

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I'm a YouTuber called MCFightGAME Pro and I like a lot  about Baldi. Can I please have it  for free, and so I can show it? (My channel is little) and my email is

Hey I just emailed you a key, please share the video when it's done I'd love to watch it!

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Hi, im a youtuber who wants to do a lets play series on this game but i dont have enough money to stay in the budget and to play this can u please send me  a free download code, my email address is It would really mean a lot to me if u did. Thanks.

Hey Stan, I just emailed you a download key. Good luck with your Youtube channel!

Thx, i really wanted to do this game.

¡Hola! Tengo un canal de Youtube poco y quiero pedirle que tengo la posibilidad de que me envíe una clave del juego para hacer un pequeño juego i esperar su respuesta, gracias!

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Check out this hilarious video of POiiSED playing Baldimore's Highschool in VR! 

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Hi, I am a Korean who likes the game Baldi. I want to play this game, can I play it for free? Sorry for my poor English. I will be glad if you send me this email if possible ;-; (

Hey iMarx, I'll send you a key. Enjoy the game :)

Thank you , Endless code :-)

Hi i am a small youtuber and i am trying to make my channel grow. I would apprichiate if you would give me a download key so that i could play this game for youtube. My gmail is and thank you a lot if you will do it.

Just emailed you a key. Good luck with your channel!

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I want to make a video on this cool game I have 336 Subs and I want a key so I can show people this amazing game! I make videos about baldi's basics fangames and mods and this would be a great addition! My Gmail is and my YT is if you want to send me the key! (I don't have alot of money and the game is ever better looking than the UE4 Remake!)

I will also make a video as soon as I get the key!

Thanks John! Just sent you a download key. I Hope you have fun!

thanks! when the video is done i will post it here!

Baldimore's Highschool Gameplay
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Hey,i'm small channel but I am trying to get bigger and I want to try and start playing horror games on my channel. I watched some videos of this game and I thought this would be a great way to start a horror series! I don't have a lot of money and I was hoping you would help me out. My Channel name is That 1 Gamer and my email is,thank you for at least reading this.

Just emailed you a download key. Have fun!

Hi, i'm a guy with 564 subs at the time of writing this, and i want to record this game on my channel since it's a horror game and i don't play them that much. I don't have a lot of money at this point and time, so can i please have a key? I'll be making a video as soon as the key is sent. Please DM me on Youtube because i don't like my email leaked online, my channel name is Cheesier.

Hey Cheesier! I sent you a key though YouTube. Have fun!

Here it is! 

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