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heck was that

May I have the game for free endless I would really appreciate it.

Hey Endless. Can i have a free copy of the game i would really appreciate it.

Hi Endless Code Developer can you give me a copy of Baldimore's Highschool to my email

Hey Endless. Can i have a free copy of the game i would really appreciate it. Contact me

The Most Nice Creator He Gave The Game For me For Free Thanks you Very Much Endless <3


For Free :(

Hello Endless code can you please send me a free copy of the game please ? I have an yt channel with 204 subscribers Idk if thats enough but I would really like to play your game on my channel my yt channel:Itsyaboi Gaming and

Hey, Endless, plz can i have a free copy of the game? plz? I really want to  play this game, wathed youtubers playing it, but can't afford the game. My email:

My channel: GamesComplete

Hey, endless, This game so cool, i want to try it out, but can't afford it. I really want to play this game , so can i get a free copy of the game? plz?

please can I get a free copy of the game I saw youtubers  play this game and it looks great and btw I have a yt channel with 500 subs  so it might help it out with your game just asking btw 

Sure, just email me your channel name and I'll send you a key :)

can i get a key me too please at this email  Please :(

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Hi Endless! Could you please give me a key? I am very sorry to waste your time, but my email is I would love to hear from you. Thanks!

Ayy, wheres my supersuit? (key)

Hey I just sent you a key, have fun!

I seriously love you dude. You are the single most best dev I have ever seen. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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...I've never recieved a key before. Where is it?

It's the link in the email, it'll take you to a private page where you can claim the game for free

...Which one?

Click on the words "Here is a free download key!"in the email that's the link.

I just tested the link and it's still working so you should be good :)

Gave it a go...

I made a video on this if you want to watch it, you should because I pointed out suggestions and bugs you could improve the game on (also the thumbnail is funny XD)

plz ı cant buy this game plz give me free ı need plz :(

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thank you endless i got the game your so nice im very happy


Hi endless can i get this game for free i see this video its from your game

And Im Very Intressted Contact Me In for send me your answer or an answer here thx you for your support

Hey Nahil I'm doing a giveaway on Reddit right now! If you hurry you can get a free key!

thank you

I want one but there's no more my but my gmail is

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Finally got an ending!!!!!  This was a great game to play, thanks to endless code for the key. If anyone wants to see me tackle a different ending then hit me up in the comments and be sure to check out the game for yourself.

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Hi endless can i get this game for free pls

Facebook: keivan roin

sent me in that both account please.

actualy i want bought the game but in indonesia there haven't yet supporting paypal etc
im gonna share this game to all my friends 
thank you

Hey keivan, I got you email last week and already sent you a key already. You must've missed it, Have fun!

Thank you very much for the game.Im realy enjoyed :D

i spent $5 to play this but it wont let me play at all and i cant even move idk whats going on

Hello, if you are having hardware issues please contact support. If there is a hardware problem they most likely know how to fix it.

Here is the video about the game, I had a lot of fun playing it, if I give it then I do a part 2 of the game and much more

hi endless can you pass me the game for free i really want to upload in my channel pls

if your gonna post it on your channel you're gonna have to buy it. sorry bud, i dont think the creator will do that.

Hey just email me your YouTube channel name and I'll send you a key

POiiSED! One of my favorites

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YuB! (Hilarious Video)

My attempt at this went exactly how you would think lol not how i would have liked

Decided to try for an ending. Did not go as planed.

hey i was trying to play it but it wont even start up, telling me that "No executables were found". idk if its the fact that the game itself comes up as an .exe file when i tried to download it once. (i'm using macOS btw)

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If you are using mac OS then you need to open the .app file not the .exe file. 


i couldnt find the .app file at first, so i tried to change the .exe file into an .app file, but it says it won't run on this type of mac (MacBook Air)

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Hello there! I'm a Youtuber looking to play new indie games and this one caught my eye!

I would like to shoot a video of this game

If you could send me the download link I would gladly post the gameplay on my channel
mail address:

My channel


I'm 9 (turning 10 July 31st) and Cant Wait To Get Some Money For My Birthday To Play This Game And Maybe Do A Video On It! It Looks Really Fun And I Cant Wait To Review So Other People Can Support Your Work By Buying It (btw I'm not asking for a free game code like those people who are probably bots)


Hey, i emailed you. Please answer me.

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Im 13  And I really want play this game . I have 113 Subscribe on Youtube . My e mail is I really want to be gaming  yotutube channel and if you give me a code this game would be first of my gaming videos


Thank you endless code for letting me play this awsome game. Well done I had a lot of fun.


First of all, thanks for the key. I tried it out during a stream and I archived that part of the stream so if you wanna check it out, I'll leave a link below. Cheers, mate!

Hey no problem thanks for playing! Here's a tip - you can shoot Baldimore! I think your first shot just missed him by like an inch lol

Also I don't want to spoil it but the balloons do serve a purpose!

If you ever stream the game again I'd love to watch  and maybe I'll tell you some of the secrets of Baldimore's Highschool :)

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Then I must have missed him twice, the second time being when he was right in front of me and I desperately shot him but I guess the gun had gone straight through his body, since I was so close to him, and it didn't count, haha.

I was hoping that the balloons did serve a purpose.

I don't think I ever will stream it again because I simply don't stream the same game twice, unless it has been updated in some way that makes it interesting to stream yet again. But hey, you did say "More Updates planned for the future!" in the game description so if you update it with some cool stuff then I'll stream it again, for sure.


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